Spirit Refreshers

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Meet Spirit Refreshers

Karma Carrier Keeper Ornaments

Karma Carrier Fetich

Had some clay left over one day, not enough to make a keeper so I played around with these little figurines: mini-spirit-keepers, for those heathens on the go.  

These little guys range from 3 to 4 inches in size.  I'm working on making small necklace or brooch sized carriers but in the meanwhile, these Spirit Keeper fetishes make cute scatters to set out on the desk or coffee table for conversation starters.  

The infectious smile of a Spirit Keeper smile causes emotional uplifts and elevations of mirth. 

 Lately I've been experimenting with "Spiritual Air Fresheners" (odorless of course because spirits have no scent).  These cuties may be hung like ornaments, on a tree, in windows, walls, cubicles or the car rear-view mirror.  If your office or work station could use a bit of luck, mirth and well-being or simply to entertain visitors with fun conversation, the Spirit keeper Freshener is for you.     

These little keepers are so fun to make and paint so I always have a good supply...as you can see :-)

They make welcome ornaments to give as gifts!

Decorate a Karma Carrier Christmas tree!