Stage 3 Development

Stage 3 Karma Carrier Spirit Keepers are the cream of the crop and excited to meet their reason for being.  Some of these colorful beauties have already met their cosmic destiny, others may be purchased - soon.

Karma Carriers Spirit Keeper figurines consist entirely of paper mache, specifically Cell-U-Clay pulverized paper.  The statues are hand molded using balloons initially to create the base shape.  Legs, arms and other extensions may be supported with the inclusion of paper sucker sticks, paper drinking straws or other stiff paper product such as toilet paper tubes and cut up cardboard shapes. 


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Meet Kurtis Spirit Keeper

Kurtis Spirit Keeper

A Spirit Keeper who has found a happy home.  Kurtis Spirit Keeper Karma Carrier is in Stage 9 of development.

Stage 3 completed