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State 3: Spirit Keepers Completed


The appearance of each Spirit Keeper depends entirely upon the size, shape and flexibility of an inflated party balloon drying under hot 100 plus degree sun rays while under the guardianship of a forgetful artist.  


The second part of phase one after the blob has dried, is to remove the balloon and apply the appropriately uniformed and proportioned pointy head once the glob has dried.


Once the side fins are added there begins, in my mind's eye, the initial appearance or visage of each, individual spirit Keeper.  Which is why I love to keep pictures of their transformation as we blossom each time from rather hideously ugly (but cute) grey coocoon blobs into into cheerful visages which radiate colorful rainbow bursts of positive energies.


Few to none may resist the welcoming visage of the Spirit Keeper.


Karma Carrier figurines absorb negativity and radiate positivity.



Take this mental test.


Send one negative thought to any Karma Carrier figurine in this image.

Contemplate your dark, dreary thought and stare at your chosen figurine for as long as you need for the Karma Carrier to absorbe the negative.

 skeptic testth





You feel happier already don't you.


The great news is Today I delivered a collection of "Spirit Keepers" and other figurines into the care of The Blossoming Path in Fair Oaks California.  The only question remains, is the world is ready to "try" to resist Karma Carriers.