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Karma Carrier Spirit Refreshers

Karma Carrier Spirit Refreshers are my own hand crafted, painted, papier mache' figurines and statues.

Karma Carrier figurines combine ancient Egyptian traditions of Canopic Jars with pagan fetish worship and a touch of the Irish Blarney to create cosmic figurines inhabited by spirits to absorbe negative energy which returns as radiate positive energy.

Meet the Spirit Refreshers

soul snatch keeper

Karma Carriers Spirit Keeper karmic containers are designed with all spirit essences in mind regardless of ist or ism belief or unbelief of the ungrateful corporeal host.

Karma Carriers Spirit Keepers absorb negativity and radiate positivity.


Take the spirit refresher test.

Send one negative thought to any Karma Carrier figurine in this photo.

skeptic testth

Contemplate your dark, dreary thought and stare at your chosen figurine for as long as you need for the Karma Carrier to absorb the negative.

Did you really expect something negative to come back?

See? You feel happier already and that's Karma :-)

As the butterfly springs from the caterpillar's cocoon, till me meet again.

None can resist the welcoming visage of the Spirit Keeper!

Guaranteed biodegradable, flammable and water soluble to ensure eventual release into the great beyond, which may or may not exist.

Spirit Keeper Physical attributes:

  • Pointy Heads
  • Big Noses
  • Large Nostrils
  • Stripped floppy or droopy ears
  • Big Smiles, Large Mouths
  • Green Tongues
  • Big Feet
  • Bright colors
  • '