Santa's House

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Gingerbread Santa Workshop

sants's house

Making gingerbread houses and cookies is a fun family activity any time of the year but especially on a holiday or special occasion.

While raising children, I created several re-usable patterns to keep on hand for making gingerbread houses out of cookie dough.

These patterns are now available through Scissorcrafts. Every year the children would use these patterns to build and decorate their own gingerbread houses to bring to classroom to give to the teachers and share with other students. The artistic treats were always appreciated.


>The Fair Oaks Public library periodically calls upon local artists to provide works of art for seasonal theme displays for library patrons to enjoy while providing space for artists to show off our skills. This winter theme is all about the Gingerbread, so I thought I'd test my old patterns on this cell-u-clay paper mache.

These photos record the construction of my shining entry from beginning to almost end...have to run to the store for spray varnish tomorrow.