About Karma Carriers

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dragondogSave the Earth,

One Karma Carrier at a Time

KarmaCarriers figurines are constructed entirely with recycled paper mache', paper drinking straws, paper sucker sticks...the keyword is paper.

I like a good challenge.

Cell-u-clay paper mache' pulp is a paper 'clay'-like material that dries very hard. I use paper straws, sucker sticks, paper towels, tp rolls and cardboard tubes for tall or intricate statues that require additional support. Which makes for some unnecessary hilarity at times with the balancing act of support vs drying vs repair...oh, yes, and there may be a drop or two of good old Elmers white glue here and there.

Why Only Paper?

Why not use plastic? Why not use glass? Why not use metal? Why not send a tree to an early demise?

Because paper will always be available. There exists enough recycled, used, discarded paper on this planet to provide Karma Carriers with supplies to last through the next go-around. Karma, the recycling of life, begs little footprints in nature.

Karma Carrier purpose:

  • Spiritual vessels
  • Cremation urns
  • Keepsakes
  • Knicknacks
  • Piggy Banks
  • Mobiles
  • Conversation Pieces
  • Cheerful Additions to any decor

All designed to be biodegradable, destructable, buryable, burnable, sinkable...and of course keepable, my obvious choice :-)

Plus, I get to enjoy the thought of sending paper mache figurines, wrapped in paper, tucked into a paper box and imagine what the scanners would make of it...and the bonus I get to create beautiful works of art, virtually guilt-free!