Flamingo & Chick

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Flamingo Karma Carriers

At my last eye exam gave a Karma Carrier Spirit Keeper to the care of the office secretaries. They were thrilled, which always makes me feel good when know my children will be taken good care of.

Fast forward several months. When an email from the Fair Oaks Library popped up in my inbasket. The sender mentioned she worked for the Library and was excited about seeing Ramunda Karma Carrier at the eye docs. She invited me to create something for the library's Flamingo Spring Art Festival, to be held April through May.

Of course I was flattered, thrilled and all that comes with a really good compliment, but all I could do was think - "Oh boy, something to do" and instintly I became emmersed in everything Flamingo.

I did not realize how little I knew about the flamingo other than pink, big, lawn ornaments with live counterparts somewhere. Initial research focused on the basics - general physical overviews, color, size, shape, chicks, eggs, to get started building the Franken Flamingo.

Celluclay is wonderful stuff, but it doesn't dry well in winter. Midway through the maddness of building Franken Flamingo in rainy weather, I realized this might be a great subject for a Toastmaster Speech. As a result, I made a bit more research on flamingos and doubled the fun by combining the libraries Flamingo festivus with a Skillbuilder task to make all this seem like part of the plan.