Lola Two

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Lola Two Pig Karma Carrier

One of my Toastmaster buddies has grandchildren who own a pet pot-belly pig and just love the little beast.

He asked for a Karma Carrier pig figurine that he could present to the kids to create a connection. (You have a pig, I also have a pig.) 

A real challenge for me as pot belly pigs are usually all black in color and so ugly they're cute. 

I thought I'd try to bring out that cuteness in a colorful way.

I imagined Lola rolling around in a field of pretty flowers.  The result is a pretty little piggie covered in rainbow bursts of color. 

Now he can't bear to part with Lola Two, probably because the kids will use it as a play thing. 

Lola Two must wait till the children become adults. 

I think she'll be all right :-)