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Canine Karmic Carriers


scoopy and scoopyThe only dog figutines I’ve crafted so far is of a relative's pet Dachshund, Scoopy.

I was sent a couple of photos to use as a guide and somehow the cosmos saw to it that the resulting Karma Critter (TM) would be almost the exact doppleganger of the real, live Scoopy (without all the flowers, vines and lady bugs, that is).

When she sent the photo of the two critters side by side I realized they were so cute together.


"Man's Best Friend" may have been the first animal to be domesticated. The dog is an intelligent and talented creature which can be trained to perform many unique tasks for people. Police and military organizations regularly use highly trained dogs to sniff out drugs, bombs and other chemicals.

The dog is valued for companionship but also for its ability to hunt, herd, protect and provide important services to handicapped individuals.


Greek mythology tells about the three-headed Cerberus a fearsome watchdog beast with anywhere from 3 to 50 heads and a snake-like tail. Cerebus guarded the entrance to Hades where he allowed people to enter but never leave.


Native American folk lore explains how wolves can transform themselves into human form and live, marry and have children. These ghost people are great drummers at parties so it's told.


Dogs are almost univerally admired for attributes of heroism and devotion to their owners and masters which makes them popular subjects in folk and peasant artworks.

spirit front

Dogs appear in underworld scenes on Mayan pottery and dog skeletons are frequently found in Classic Maya burials which indicates that Mayans believed dogs guided souls of humans on their journey into the underworld.


In Azrec folklore, the god Xolotl was a monstrous dog hunted by Death. The dog-like monster, Ahuizotl, was another Aztec dog-like water monster that had a hand on the end of its coiled tail. Mexican lore tells of evil sorcerers who can transform themselves into black dogs to prey upon the livestock of their neighbors.