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Funny thing about cats. If you own one it seems that you own all of them. For being such solitary creatures, they sure seem to clowder in the same universe. Genetic studies have revealed that house cats descended from Middle East African Wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica) dating as far back as c. 8000 BCE.  It just so happens Karma Carriers has an African Wild Cat figurine.

Cats are amazing creatures. Sometimes I imagine cats were put on earth to monitor humans and report back to the mother ship our progress as a species. Ever wonder what cats look at when they suddenly stare into space, or seem terrified by something just behind you?  I suspect cats can see invisible aliens walking among us.

What ever the reasons cats exist, I am  glad they do. I always stop what I am doing when a cat requests my attention. It is as much of a break for me from my mundane routine and existance as it is pleasureable for the kitty to receive a good nose-rub or combing. Just can't imagine life without a cat or two to remind me to stop and pet the cat who now sits on my keyboard telling me it's time to take a petting break.

Zoleka Temma

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Meet Zoleka Temma Karma Carrier

This African Wild cat

This feline spirit keeper came about when a new friend at ToastMaster's skillbuilders meet, requested I make a Karma Carrier based upon my impression of her thus far in the relationship. At the time she was attired in a bright yellow dress with a leopard pattern scarf which reminded me of a Beautiful African Lioness. Only lions are not that colorful and I like colorful statues.


Bring in Felis Silvestris Libica

The African wildcat, Eve to the modern day domesticated cat. The feline was claimed by Azerbaijan, Libya on a postage stamp in 1994, but as with any cat, the wildcat lives wherever it wants across the entire African continent.


My friend chose these names for her kitty.  


ZOLEKA (zoh-LEH-kah).

Feminine for: She is calm; at peace. The name ZOLEKA originates from one of the Bantu languages of South Africa specifically the 'abantu' Zulu and Xhosa versions of the

Bantu language. The word Xhosa" begins with a click.

TEMMA (teh-mah).

The name TEMMA originates from the
Nyong language of the sub-Saharan Adamawa-Ubangi, Mubako group in Cameroon and Nigeria.