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Free Color Book Spirit Refreshers

spirit-refresher Complete

If Adult Coloring Books are your kind of fun, set aside some quiet time and decorate some fun coloring book versions of the spirit refreshers.  Brighten up your office cubicle with a spirit keeper.

Test the power of a Karma Carrier.  

Color book Karma Carriers can be a fun project for children of any age who enjoy decorating with bright colors.


Karma Carrier Spirit Refresheners are intended to brighten up a day, a room, window or office cubicle space.

Fill your inner self with the happiness of a spirit refreshener with its visage of mirth and joy.

Decorate these printable Keepers with crayons, markers or embroider onto cloth such as a pillow or wall hanging.  

Precolor with your graphics program make a Karma Carrier desktop background for your PC.    

Brighten Life with Colorbook Karma Carriers

spirit refresher blank back1200
Blank Keeper Back
spirit refresher blank Front
Blank Keeper Front
spirit refresher Ear Flaps
Keeper With Striped Ear Flaps
spirit refresher blank Outline
Blank Keeper Outlines
spirit-refresher Complete
Decorated Keeper Circles/Stripes
spirit refresher stripes & dots
Refreshener With Stripes & Dots